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Fernando de Noronha


Isolated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 50 minutes of Recife (PE), air, Noronha is top of a great undersea mountain of volcanic origin, whose highest point is the Morro do Pico. His base is 4,000 meters deep. The arquipélogo was discovered by Portuguese sailors in 1,503.
Fernando de Noronha is paradise on earth. Everything is perfect here, the climate, wind, sand, the color of the water and the waves. The magazine "TIME" did a poll to elect the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, and the winner was the Praia do Sancho and thirdly Beach became the Lions, both at Noronha.
Located at 540 Km from the coast of the Northeast, Noronha keeps some traditions of the region, as the forró. The sites are hospitable and love teaching foreign tourists to dance at the Dog Bar, which is on the brink of a cliff with incredible visual.
Noronha is also the Brazilian Hawaii because the island maintains the best waves for the Surf in Brazil! During the best season, December to March, tubes crystalline break on fund of stone and sand across the Sea of Inside. The Cacimba of Father, next to the Two Brothers, that hill is the symbol of Expedition Brazil Tours, is the favorite beach of who likes big waves.
Both for experienced divers, and for those who have never used a mask, the waters of Fernando de Noronha is a surprise in every Diving.
The visibility of the water varies between 20m and 30m and the average temperature of the water is 27 degrees, which justifies the fame of caribe Brazilian who won Noronha through the ages.
The island offers several points of diving for different arrangements; deep diving, wreck, diving with sharks and more.
In Laje Two Brothers (or slab of Sharks) can be harmless sharks sight beak fine sandpaper and easily. The diving is the most impressive of the Shipwreck Corveta V-17, a ship of war sunk in 1985 that still retaining in their compartments materials such as uniforms of the officers, equipment, communications, first aid etc..

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