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  • After a nice first visit at the Lorenzillos restaurant in Los Cabos, I decided to try the restaurant in Cancun to celebrate our anniversary together with my fiance. Unfortunately I encounted a food poison which left me sick for 5 days. I was not able to leave my bed for 2 days, except to visit the bathroom. Due to the illness i was forced to change my flight to Mexico D.F. and did I had to extent my stay in our hotel. Although I notified Lorenzillos twice about my personal and financial inconvience that was caused by their lobster, I didnt received an answer nor a excuse for their bad service. Although the restaurant does not take the time to apologize to a customer that got sick due to their fault, they spend alot of time to feed the local crocodile that resides in the lake at the restaurant. They do this several times a day and notify the guests so they can all view the spectacle. Apparently its very important for them to have a tourist attraction rather than that they run a good and trustable restaurant. I would advice everyone who wants to have a nice dinner, not to visit this circus and look elsewhere for a nice place. P.S. At the restaurant in Los Cabos, the waiter tried to keep my 400 pesos change by hiding in the kitchen for 15 minutes. When I went to look for him, he claimed that he though it was the tip.. At that time i thought it was just an individual incident of the particular waiter but after my second experience I realized that the whole restaurant it just unworthy.
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