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Ural Mountains

Where the continents merge

The Ural Mountains mark the geographical boundary between Europe and Asia: On a length of more than 2000 kilometers, the mountain chain of Kazakhstan in the south to the Arctic Ocean. From the wealth of mineral resources persuade many city names such as asbestos, Solikamsk ( "rock salt") and Slatoust ( "Golden Mouth"). In the border mountains are also oil, natural gas, coal, graphite, marble and ores encouraged. The Urals is a paradise for geologists: Here lies the greatest Malachitvorkommen the world. The legendary rock was once the mistress Kupferberg doomed. Peter I drove the industrialization of the region in the 18th Century ahead. Another upswing experienced industrial cities like Nischnij Tagil and Chelyabinsk during the Second World War. At that time Stalin was from fear of the approaching German army more than 1000 industrial plants from the western Soviet Union in the eastern part of the country shifted. Until today, here are the strongholds of the Russian nuclear industry Rüstungsund. Uranium and plutonium will be processed, so there are several cities for foreigners locked. The environmental situation is in some critical areas in Chelyabinsk-57 occurred in 1957 the world's largest nuclear reactor before the Chernobyl disaster. The true scale has long been covered up until today, but above-average number of sick people in the region of cancer. The Urals is closely associated with the sad history of forced laborers connected. In place of the former Gulag camps are now faceless towns like Vorkuta (100 000 Ew.) In the inhospitable Nordural. But not least, the region is a natural paradise: The Southern Urals is often compared with Switzerland. He beckons with deep canyons, bizarre rock formations and natural parks Active vacationers from all over Russia. There are good hiking opportunities, here you can enjoy horseback riding, canoeing and rafting trips, and until April Skiiing is also possible.

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