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Bodhi Tree (Sri Maha Bodhi)

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Bodhi Tree (Sri Maha Bodhi)

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Under such a fig tree (ficus religiosa) was Siddhartha Gautama of 528 BC in northern India to the enlightened, so the Buddha. Since this tree is considered sacred. He is all over Southeast Asia Bodhibaum (tree of knowledge or enlightenment) called. Sri Maha Bodhi in Anuradhapura, an offshoot of the historic Bodhibaums from northern India, is considered the oldest tree in Asia. He stands on a pedestal, which is a golden grille framed. In Sri Lanka says: As long as this tree bears green leaves,...

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  • Árbol sagrado, protegido durante 2000 años, proveniente de un esqueje de la higuera bajo la cual Budha fue iluminado en la India.
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