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Vitality and tranquility - Pulsating metropolitan area of the Netherlands with old cities, modern architecture and idyllic canals.

The four largest cities of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht and Rotterdam are all located in the so called Randstad, the metropolitan area in the west of the Netherlands. More than a third of the country’s population (16 mio.) lives in this area. Even though Randstad takes up only ten percent of the total area, it’s the hub of operations: the government, the queen and most big companies reside in Randstad. There are several radio and TV stations in the renowned media center of Hilversum. Furthermore, Randstad has the most museums, theaters, and cultural institutions. The urban metropolitan areas of Randstad are situated around the so called ‘groene hart’ (green heart). This large area with lakes, rivers, canals, and grazing cows is a significant contrast to the densely populated cities. Stressed townspeople come here on the weekends to relax.

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