Fenestrelle Fort

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Fenestrelle Fort

Forte Fenestrelle is the largest Fort in th Alps.

The "Great Wall of the Alps" with its 320 acres is one of the largest fortified structures in Europe. The Fort, built by Victor Amadeus in , it constists of a collection of three major forts and is supported by redoubts, ramparts, batteries, barracks, powder magazines, warehouses, kitchens, a governor's mansion, a parade ground and a church.

The complex reaches almost two miles in length, and it rises about 2,000 feet on its way to a peak that tops out at nearly 6,000 feet above sea level. Fenestrelle Fortress' most distinctive feature may be its 3,996-step stairway, which was roofed with stone to protect the troops from cannonballs and shield their movements from the enemy. A parallel open stairway of 2,500 steps—called the "royal" walk because Victor Amadeus' son and successor, King Charles Emmanuel III, was said to favor it—leads to the fortress' higher reaches on Mount Pinaia.

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