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Grado, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Ancient fishing village, famous seaside resort and spa on the High Adriatic, overlooking the Gulf of Trieste and the Istrian coast in a charming setting between the sea and the lagoon, with beaches facing south...

Grado (Italy) is a charming island on the Adriatic Sea known for its world class beaches. The Municipality of Grado has presented a new project called “Original Hospitality in the Lagoon”, an interesting initiative consisting in the creation of the first “multi-building hotel” in the lagoon in Europe. Thanks to the involvement of local public institutions and citizens, some of the “casoni”, fishermen’s traditional dwellings in the lagoon islands, have been renovated and turned into hotel buildings. So, tourists will have the opportunity to experience a new unconventional hospitality and discover the unique natural environment and history of Grado lagoon. It is a new form of sustainable tourism.

Grado can well be defined a “green destination”: it offers 13-km cycle paths, over 125.000 square metres of pedestrian precincts and this year obtained the Blue Flag for the 20th time (Italian record), which attests its attention to the environment and the high quality of its coast.

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