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The Brazen Head

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The Brazen Head

Dublin's oldest pub has a cosy vibe and you can listen to traditional Irish music every evening.

"Ireland's oldest pub", which is alleged to date from 1198, welcomes music and beer lovers in medieval surroundings with crenels and burning torches. There is considerable doubt about whether it actually dates back to medieval times, but what is certain is that there has been a tavern at this location since around 1600. Every evening from 9.30 p.m. onwards, groups perform in the packed room next to the paved courtyard. If things get too hot in the throng, you can cool down with a beer outside. The pub is rustic and decorated in an Irish style. A very mixed clientele comes here. The genre of music mainly played here is folk. The particular highlight here are the bands that regularly give concerts. Small dishes are available. Credit cards are accepted.

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  • sorry about the other post that was meant for the Guiness Storehouse. The Brazing Head is a great place to enjoy live music. Takes a while to get a beer though if its busy.. enjoy it a lot.
    more than a year ago report abuse
  • best narrative dinner ever!!
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • definitely going.
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • The Brazen Head is, purportedly, the oldest pub in Dublin, dating back to the middle ages. Or so they say. Regardless, the spacious interior is delightfully dark, the menu tasty, and the trad sessions satisfying.
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • must go
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • war da schon...genial!
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Just amazing
    a couple of years ago report abuse



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