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A trip to Robin Hood’s Hometown
When you were a child and you were sitting in front of the telly watching “The Tales of Robin Hood”, I guess you did not really pay attention to where it all took place. Don’t worry if you have never seen it - I’ll tell you all you need to know about the city of Nottingham.
The city itself is not very big but this gives you the opportunity to thoroughly explore it. Start at the Old Market Square – the largest market square in the country, which is located in the heart of the city. From there, you are quite close to Nottingham Castle which is now a public museum. Make sure, however, that you visit the “Jerusalem Inn” at the base of the Castle. It is not only the oldest pub in the UK, it also has the best drinks and food in town.
There is one last, though quite amazing, fact about Nottingham not everyone knows. The whole city is built on sandstone. Tunnels below the city were useful for the British Army in the Second World War and the tunnels partly still exist.
Anyway, it does not really matter how many sights you can explore in this wonderful British city - Nottingham will forever be linked with Robin Hood.

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