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Regarded in the cold light of day, the Reeperbahn is merely the main street of the St. Pauli district, but who would consider the Reeperbahn in the cold light of day? In fact, the "most sinful mile in the world" stands for legendary nights with sex, alcohol, and rock 'n' roll. This also applies to their equally notorious side alleys and venues.

At the port end of St. Pauli you encounter Herbert Street. Behind a privacy screen, which exist to curve around (only the lords of creation are truly allowed access), the shop window prostitutes line about a hundred yards away. Sometimes they are quite bored at the many onlookers who here stumble over the pavement.

The club-lined Hans-Albers-Platz is dedicated to the greatest hero in Hamburg – only after the singing film and “Schlager”star Albers, who was born in Hamburg, come the Beatles. Hamburg turned the Liverpool moptops, still teenagers, not just into real men, but also into the acclaimed Fab Four. Starting in August 1960, Paul McCartney and Co. took the stage for the first time at the nightclubs of the Grosse Freiheit (Great Freedom) -- nearly every day, for six hours a night. The short side street of the Reeperbahn has since then turned into a cult object.

In the evening, the streets around the Reeperbahn are dominated by a gaudy mixture of strip clubs, sex theaters, bawdy harbor pubs, and alternative clubs. Long ago the neighborhood also became a worthwhile goal for a more demanding in-crowd -- although you have to get used to the row of street prostitutes. At the moment, the crown of indie suitability of the "sin mile" belongs to the Reeperbahn Festival, which, over the course of three days in September, many big names and new bands play on the stages of the Reeperbahn clubs.

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  • Die lägendere Party meile!
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  • La loca avenida, en el barrio de St.Pauli que no puedes dejar de recorrer!
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  • super
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    I went there and had loads of fun!
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    Recommended clubs with live music: Angie's Nightclub, or the Drafthouse - a proper Western / Rockabilly-shed with a long bar
    a couple of years ago report abuse



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