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Palais de Justice

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Palais de Justice

This magnificent domed building exhibits Brussel's grandeur.

The traditional inhabitants of the Marolles district still vilify unpleasant people as "architects". The reason for this is that part of the district was flattened in 1866 to make way for this gigantic structure which was admired by Hitler and his architect Albert Speer. The architect Joseph Poelaert, who went mad before his life's work was completed, glorifies Justitia and mighty Belgium. Beneath the enormous dome of the Salle des pas perdus (Hall of the Lost Footsteps) everyone is made to feel small, whether defendant, lawyer, judge or visitor.

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  • This review was translated. See the original review here.
    Absolutely bizarre, scary thing. Supposedly the world's largest building of the 19th century
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • This review was translated. See the original review here.
    Amazing building, a bit dirty as almost everything in Brussels but it is worth a visit
    a couple of years ago report abuse



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