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Scotland is a land of deep culture and deep accents. This is reminiscent in Scotland's sights - castles and strongholds of old, universities and warehouses. The sights can not speak for the people's culture, though, which is one of the best parts about visiting Scotland. Almost anyone will sit down and have a pint with you!

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  • Edinburgh Castle

    105 votes

    in Edinburgh, Scotland

    Edinburgh Castle is a magnificently situated royal fortress located on one of the highest points ...

  • Royal Mile

    81 votes

    in Edinburgh, Scotland

    This mile-long cobblestone street leads up to the castle. The Royal Mile has always been the cente...

  • Loch Ness

    44 votes

    in Inverness, Scottish Highlands, Scotland

    Loch Ness (; Scottish Gaelic: Loch Nis [l̪ˠɔx ˈniʃ]) is a large, deep, freshwater loch in the Sco...

  • Arthur's Seat

    35 votes

    in Edinburgh, Scotland

    The majestic hill overlooking the city - great for a hike. Arthur's Seat is an extinct volcano loc...

  • Palace of Holyroodhouse

    29 votes

    in Edinburgh, Scotland

    The Palace is a royal residence, and hosts the Queen's Gallery containing a collection of art fro...

  • Loch Lomond

    26 votes

    Body of Water
    in Scotland

    Loch Lomond (; Scottish Gaelic: Loch Laomainn - 'Lake of the Elms') is a freshwater Scottish loch...

  • National Museum of Scotland

    21 votes

    Museum / Gallery
    in Edinburgh, Scotland

    The museum mixes innovative modern architecture with the best of Scotland's heritage. The Royal M...

  • Urquhart Castle

    18 votes

    in Inverness, Scottish Highlands, Scotland

    Impressive 13th- to the 16th-century ruins on a headland overlooking Loch Ness. The most famous s...

  • Calton Hill

    17 votes

    in Edinburgh, Scotland

    Calton Hill () is a hill in central Edinburgh, Scotland, situated beyond the east end of Princes...

  • Calanais Standing Stones

    16 votes

    in Scotland

    The second biggest standing stones circle in the UK, just after Stonehenge. But here you can touc...



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