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The main shopping area is Regent St.


Argosy and Kharg both on Regent St. Austin’s Book Services, 190 Church St, Cummingsburg, T227 7395. Dimension, Cummings St. GNTC, Water St.


Good T-shirts are sold at Guyana Stores and in the markets. Tribal Vibes, 92 Laluni St, Queenstown, T225 7098. Locally designed T-shirts, shirts, vests and bags.

Department stores and malls

Guyana Stores, Church St, and Fogarty’s, both of which stock a wide range of goods. The City Mall, Regent and Camp Sts, T225 6644, is a small mall with everything from food to jewellers. Giftland OfficeMax, Water St, wide range of items.


Films over ASA400 are normally not available; bring your own stock.


Sold widely, often at good prices but make sure you know what you are buying. Do not buy it on the street.


Most Guyanese do their regular shopping at the 4 big markets: Stabroek (don’t take valuables), Bourda, La Penitence and Kitty.

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