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Ubatuba Attractions


Ubatuba has a few historic buildings, such as the Igreja da Matriz on Praça da Matriz, dating back to the 18th century. It has only one tower, the old 19th-century prison, which now houses the small historical museum. Other interesting buildings include: Cadeia Velha on Praça Nóbrega; the 18th-century Câmara Municipal on Avenida Iperoig; and the Sobrado do Porto, the 19th-century customs house at Praça Anchieta 38, which contains Fundart (the Art and Culture Foundation). Mostly, though, it is a modern, functional town. In the surrounding countryside there are fazendas which are often incorporated into the trilhas ecológicas (nature trails) along the coast.

The Projeto Tamar (R Antonio Athanasio da Silva 273, Itaguá, T012-3432 6202) is a branch of the national project which studies and preserves marine turtles. The Aquário de Ubatuba (R Guarani 859, T012-3432 1382, Fri-Wed 1000-2200) has well-displayed Amazon and Pantanal species including caimans and piranhas.

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    The tourist office (Av Iperoig opposite R Prof Thomaz Galhardo) is on the seafront. The area gets...

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    opening hours:Fri-Wed 1000-2200, address:



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