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Ole! South America is synonymous with hot and spicy, earth and ocean. The cities are filled with intriguing people who's hearts beat with that of the city's. Buenos Aires, Rio de Janiero, Lima and Santiago - capital cities that impress every traveler with their culture, history and of course, fare. Hike or bike the mountains of Patagonia, surf in Ecuador or boat along the Amazon. If history or literature turns you on, visit Cape Negre in Chile and see the home of the famous poet, Pablo Neruda, and don't miss the famous sights of Cuzco and Machu Picchu. tripwolf shows you a list of the community's favorite destinations in South America. Be sure to vote for your own!

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  • Buenos Aires

    102 votes

    in Argentina

    A colorful and confident culture. Buenos Aires is often called the "Paris of South America" -- and...

  • Rio de Janeiro

    72 votes

    in Brazil

    By Day or Night Dazzle. Samba, beaches, bossa nova, Guanabara Bay, Funk Carioca, Carnaval, and Chr...

  • Cusco

    55 votes

    in Peru

    From an Inca capital to a tourist hub. On the massive stone walls of Incan Coricancha temple tower...

  • Brazil

    41 votes


    Brazil Beyond Compare. Brazil is an exercise in superlatives: fifth-largest country in the world, ...

  • São Paulo

    39 votes

    in Southeast Brazil, Brazil

    Latin America's Tokyo. The state of São Paulo is considered the "economic motor" of Brazil, genera...

  • Cartagena

    36 votes

    in The Caribbean Coast, Colombia

    The city of Cartagena, known in the colonial era as Cartagena de Indias (Spanish: Cartagena de In...

  • Santiago

    35 votes

    in Central Chile, Chile

    Santiago ( , Spanish: [sanˈtjaɣo], literally "Saint-James"), also known as Santiago de Chile is t...

  • Lima

    31 votes

    in Lima, Peru

    Cultural diversity in the middle of so much ancient history. Lima has long been a stopover for int...

  • Argentina

    30 votes


    The diversity of South America - with a dose of Europe. Argentina is almost a continent of its own...

  • Bogotá

    30 votes

    in Bogota region, Colombia

    This mountainous town has an exciting outdoor café culture. Up in a towering Andean valley, the Co...



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