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Central Spain recommendations

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  • Madrid

    239 votes

    in Spain

    Spain's "Big City". Madrid is perhaps best described as being the New York City of Spain; Spaniard...

  • Plaza Mayor

    113 votes

    in Madrid, Spain

    Harmony in a square. On Madrid's "main square", time passes more slowly than elsewhere in the city...

  • Museo Nacional del Prado

    89 votes

    museum / gallery
    in Madrid, Spain

    One of the world's most important picture galleries. The architect Juan de Villanueva started buil...

  • Palacio Real

    67 votes

    in Madrid, Spain

    A royal residence. In the mid 18th century Italian architects were commissioned to built Philip V ...

  • Gran Vía

    53 votes

    in Madrid, Spain

    Nowhere in Madrid city centre has more of a big-city feel than this boulevard stretching for almo...

  • Retiro

    51 votes

    park / zoo
    in Madrid, Spain

    There is always lots going on in Madrid's most famous park. A blue and white spring sky stretches ...

  • Fuente de la Cibeles

    50 votes

    in Madrid, Spain

    The plaza is a crossroads where the twelve-lane Calle de Alcalá meets the equally wide Paseo de R...

  • Toledo

    48 votes

    in Spain

    The result of 2,000 years of impact between three major religions-Judaism, Christianity, and Isla...

  • Chocolatería San Ginés

    45 votes

    in Madrid, Spain

    A Madrid tradition: churros and chocolate in the heart of the city. A night-time ritual: first go ...

  • Rastro

    40 votes

    in Madrid, Spain

    A stroll through Madrid's colourful and chaotic flea market is simply a must. On Sunday mornings, ...



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