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Secluded and Laid Back Caribbean Cays

Unlike their nearby U.S. counterparts, the British Virgin Islands are a true retreat from civilization. A string of fifty islands, cays, and islets, the British Virgin Islands are a land apart; an archipelago of escapism. Tortola (“the land of the Turtle Dove”) is the largest of the BVI’s, and is thought to have been named by Christopher Columbus when he first sailed through the Caribbean Sea. Aside from having the capital of the British Virgin Islands, Tortola has several of the BVI’s most well-known beaches, including Josiah’s Bay, Long Bay, and Cane’s Bay. Virgin Gorda, the second most populated island in the BVI chain, was also supposedly named by Christopher Columbus. He thought the island looked like a well-proportioned woman laying on her side, hence the name “The Fat Virgin.” Many visitors come to Virgin Gorda to visit the “Baths,” a series of unique granite boulders at the southern tip of the island, evidence of the island’s volcanic origins and a lovely photo opportunity. The main thing these islands have in common are the requisite stretches of shimmering, dazzling, glorious Caribbean beaches. Piercing turquoise water set against stark white sands: the international image of ‘paradise.’ If you are lucky enough to have access to a boat, simply sailing from island to island within BVI is a divine pleasure. Stretch out on the shore, have a picnic of tropical fruits, and soak up the salt and sun.

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