Münchner Dom - Frauenkirche edit

Munich's most visible landmark has attracted the gaze of onlookers for centuries, thanks to its distinctive onion domes as well as its sheer size. Around 20,000 people (standing upright) can supposedly fit in the "Cathedral of Our Dear Lady" -- all the more remarkable when you consider that the city had only 13,000 residents when it was constructed. Many times that number have visited the prestigious Gothic building made of brick since its completion in late 15th century. If you believe in the old legends, maybe even the devil as been among its visitors. He is said to be the source of the black footprint in the entrance area of the Frauenkirche. Why Lucifer stomped the ground in joy is apparent when one puts one's foot into the impression. From this vantage point, the church pillars obscure all of the side windows -- but the devil thought that the builder had forgotten them. So he saw no need to destroy the church and took off.
Also of interest and historically safeguarded: the gloomy tomb of Emperor Ludwig of Bavaria and the crypts containing the tombs of important Bavarian princes. There is plenty to see upwards as well: The south tower measures about 323 feet (roughly 4.7 inches less than the North Tower) and can be ascended by elevator. Above await the seven mighty bells and a view over the whole city, even to the Alps.

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