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This large museum is mostly devoted to the work of Salvador Dalí, who spent many years in his later life designing and living in it; the museum itself is Dalí's single largest work. Depending on your level of interest, a visit to the museum can be anywhere from one hour to most of the day. The central building was the old town theater, long vacant after being bombed during the Spanish Civil War. Even art fans who are otherwise lukewarm to Dalí's general artistry can find visiting here a rewarding experience, and may come out with new appreciation for the eccentric genius. The museum also contains displays of other Catalan artists, and Dalí's personal collection of work, ranging from old masters to Marcel Duchamp. Note that Dalí's most famous work, 'The Persistence of Memory ', is not in this museum, but in New York City's Museum of Modern Art. Many other major works were removed by Spanish authorities shortly after his death and displayed in the Prado, in Madrid.
'''Usage tips:''' Reservation is ''not'' essential, but it will likely save you from spending half an hour in a queue. You can have audioguide for €1 per room--although Dalí's original concept was to not allow ''any'' guides explaining anything to visitors: they should understand as much as they're able to without help. Crowds are large during the summer months. Weekends are best avoided as the experience will not be pleasant. Also to be avoided are cloudy days in the summer as those on a beach holiday will inevitably make a trip to the museum to be their day event as the beach is less than ideal.

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  • I didn't visit it inside but stand in front of this beautifull but strange building.
    a couple of years ago report abuse
  • Far too busy, a real tourist trap where the high entry of 12€/person is topped by coin machines all over the exhibition. Very unfriendly staff and chaotic arragement topples up to something once donce - never repeated. If you can avoid it, do so. i was quite deceived.
    a couple of years ago report abuse

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