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Aachen, the westernmost German city, is located on the border with Belgium and the Netherlands and contains a manageable 240,000 inhabitants. Its true importance emerges when one looks at history: Charlemagne chose this location, which under the Romans had been established as a spa center, to be his city of residence; here he situated his imposing imperial palace with a magnificent courtyard. Monuments such as Aachen Cathedral -- during the time of Charlemagne, it was still known as the Palatine Chapel -- bear witness to this era, when Aachen was known beyond the borders of the empire as a "second Rome."

The venue of the prestigious annual international Charlemagne Prize, Aachen is especially popular as a destination during the Advent season. Every December, the atmospheric Christmas market extends all around the chapel; with around 50,000 visitors every day, it is one of the three largest advent markets in Germany.

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  • Sehr übersichtliche Karten
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  • Elle vaut essentiellement le detour pour le Dom et la place du Rathaus. Une demi-journée suffira pour en faire le tour.
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