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  • wombats opens up a new hostel in Vienna

    The hostel chain wombats CITY HOSTELS has accommodations in Munich, Berlin, and Vienna.The opening of a new hostel right on Vienna's Naschmarkt makes quite a statement. Finding a really good hostel is often a bit of a challenge. Anyone who has shared a […] read more

  • How to Take Photos of Yourself When You’re Traveling Alone

    Picture it: Lake Amatitlán in Guatemala, 2006. Me, on the pier, posing for what has since become one of my favorite pictures of myself. Somehow, everything just seems to work: the landscape, the ghostly effect, the fact that you can hardly see my face. A […] read more

  • Oktoberfest 2010 – Where to Find Your Tracht

    Oktoberfest begins September 18th and runs through Oktober 4th."O`zapft is!" ("It is tapped!")The rallying cry that begins Oktoberfest rings loud and clear. You're surrounded by throngs of men and women of all ages rowdy to celebrate the historical German […] read more

  • What’s Normal, Anyway? Shifting Constants in Expat Life

    [caption id="attachment_3136" align="aligncenter" width="371" caption="Sumo wrestlers - they're just like us!"][/caption]NameNew York City: Is it Ee-va or Ay-va?Osaka: Eba (エバ).Dublin: Is that Aoife? Ah. You mean Ay-va.HeightNew York City: […] read more

  • tripwolf First Travel App to Offer Augmented Reality

    This week we're presenting the first mobile travel guide application for the iphone with an integrated Augmented Reality Viewer at the ITB in Berlin. Augmented Reality enhances reality by connecting the real world with the digital world. It tracks the current […] read more

  • Where to Eat: Barcomi’s, Berlin

    By the time I got to Berlin, I hadn't had a good cup of coffee, much less a muffin or a bagel, in about six months. I had been in Asia frequenting street stalls, roadside eateries, and yurts, and though I loved all the regional cuisine I was discovering, I […] read more

  • The Additional Merits of Holiday Drinking

    I was feeling kind of under the weather this weekend, and with 8 inches of snow on the way, I settled onto the couch with a hot toddy and my husband, and prepared to hibernate for the evening. But after only a couple of hours, not only had we made a good dent […] read more

  • Open Postcard from Berlin

    Dear tripwolf readers,Hallo from Berlin, meine Damen und Herren, mes dames et messieurs! I know it's been a while since we last talked. The last things I remember telling you about were some easy day-trips from Dublin. Now - all fired up on Glühwein from my […] read more

  • All I Want for Christmas is a Gym Membership

    Nothing screams 'holiday season' like a full social calendar - all of my weekends in December have been booked since November, along with a number of weekdays blocked off for office parties, happy hours, tree lightings, etc. And you know what that means - […] read more



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