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Choosing A Reliable Airport Taxi Service (Schiphol Airport)

posted by rohny016 in travel journal Choosing A Reliable Airport Taxi Service (Schiphol Airport)

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You can't underestimate the importance of an Airport Taxi service. For some, an Airport Taxi is just something that takes them home after a long flight, or gives them a ride to the airport when they're off on holiday. For others, an Airport Taxi is a lifeline and regular customers establish good relationships with the drivers. You may need an Airport Taxi for:

• When you have lots of Luggage

• when your flight arrives / departures very early in the morning

• when you travel with the family

<p>• i...

SJD airport transportation - Getting to your hotel

posted by travelblogger in travel journal SJD airport transportation

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You have been traveling since early morning, you want to reach your resort in Cabo as soon as possible and have a cold margarita, however this last part can be the best or worst decision, by hiring the wrong company for your airport-hotel-airport transfer, let me explain the two most common scenarios you may face upon arrival.

First consider that your resort may be located at up to 45 minutes distance from the airport, San José del Cabo is located at 15 minutes, the corridor is about 15 to 18 miles long, and at the end of the corridor is Cabo San Lucas, that’s not really bad, the corridor ...

Top 3 Destinations In The Algarve To Go On Holiday

posted by simonhopes in travel journal Top 3 Destinations In The Algarve To Go On Holiday

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The Algarve is a beautiful region in southern Portugal. With some of the most spectacular beaches Europe has to offer and an excellent sunny climate nearly all year-round, it’s no wonder the Algarve has become one of the most popular destinations in Portugal. Here is a look at the top 3 destinations in the Algarve to go on holiday this summer:


Carvoeiro is a relatively sleepy town, formerly a fishing village, tucked away in an untouched part of Portugal that comes alive every summer. This town is a beautiful place to stay because it’s still unknown, ...

Local shopping experience of Thailand

posted by simonhopes in travel journal Top 3 Destinations In The Algarve To Go On Holiday

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Thailand is a great country which never ceases to impress its visitors through its excellent sites.  One of such is the Chatuchak weekend market.

<p>For a truly local shopping experience, Chatuchak's market is bound to attract both bargain hunters and collectors of antiques. From home decorations to handicrafts and exotic animals, you'll find everything in this bazaar that resembles a giant being in constant motion. With nearly 16,000 stalls spread across 35 acres of land, the weekend Market (located on the Sky Train line) is the largest outdoor market in Southeast Asia. It shou...

World’s Largest Aquarium in China – Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

posted by simonhopes in travel journal Top 3 Destinations In The Algarve To Go On Holiday

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China is a huge country, and when you plan a trip there, you would always wonder what to see. Of course, you must have known some of the great classics of a trip to China, but some are essential and yet often forgotten on the list of travelers. Also, China contains some iconic and bizarre attractions not to be missed on your trip to the country. One of such is the Largest Aquarium in the World.

Located in Xhuhai City, Guangdong province, this is not only the largest aquarium in the world. The giant space also holds four other impressive records: it also has the largest aquarium tank (the a...

Ludwigshafen...City that recreates with art

posted by rohny016 in travel journal Ludwigshafen...City that recreates with art

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Because of the historical importance of Germany, most of the parts of the country are rich in performing art and culture. Ludwigshafen, which is a major area of Germany, is no exception. The area has been famous for the art and culture that it has been carrying on its shoulders.

Visitors across the world come to experience this beautiful tradition of performing arts in different forms. One of the major art form that is adopted in Germany in general and Ludwigshafen in particular is its theaters. There are a huge number of groups who perform this form of art.


Advantages of Holidaying Alone

posted by miltonferrara in travel journal The Best Place To Apply For An Auto Title Loan

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Everybody needs a break from now and then just to be alone. Not only does it help one relax, it gives them enough time to structure and strategize their plans afresh, re energize, meditate, and feel the serenity that comes with taking a break from the normal hustles and bustles of everyday life. What a better way of doing this than going on a solo vacation?

While vacationing is not for everybody, it could be all one needs to get a new lease of life, and understand themselves better. Why not get out of your comfort zone and travel far and wide, learn new things, a language perhaps, meet new...

One Person Cannot Forgive Delay In The Flight Time

posted by Johnbritas in travel journal Learn Spanish In Argentina While You Experience The Country's Eating Traditions

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A normal traveling person on a flight believes that the flight would reach on time, and then he plans for the rest of the time schedule. At the same time, when the flight is half an hour delayed, he could not forgive the mistake of the flight company, but he has no option and forgiving the flight company and doing all his works with his difficulty. Now he could get claim for the flight delay by visiting a company like airclaim.com the company is mediating the passenger and the flight company, for doing this service the company takes only little...

5 Steps to do Hair Spa at Home

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What is Hair Spa all about?

The belief in the therapeutic powers of mineral waters dates back to many centuries. The word 'spa' has its roots in ancient Roman & Greek civilizations which basically stands for a healing bath in mineral-rich spring water.

If you're going in for a hair spa, the therapist would first take a look at what kind of hair you have, its quality, etc. You are then offered suitable remedies and packs. Some spas also have a protein treatment for hair. The idea is to rejuvenate and protect the hair. A serum is mixed with the conditioner onto the hair. We recommend u...

How to Build Character in Kids

posted by simonhopes in travel journal How to Build Character in Kids

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There are certain tools every human needs to interact with other people in a healthy way and to successfully navigate the environments they live, school, or work in. These tools come in the form of character traits and they should be developed in a person from a very young age when the individual is most receptive to guidance and change.

<p>The reason why character is best developed when one is young is because the brain’s plasticity reduces as one grows older. Brain plasticity, also known as neuroplasticity, refers to the brain’s ability to re-wire or change over the cou...

Christmas destinations you have to visit this year

posted by akesh in travel journal Christmas destinations you have to visit this year

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If you still don’t have any trip planned for this year’s Christmas vacation, we have something that might enlighten you. And if not, feel free to adapt our top of best places to visit during this magical time of the year – alone, with family or friends. Keep reading for the best Christmas vacation suggestions.

#1. Malta

If you are searching for a legitimate Christmas experience, then Malta is the destination that you’re searching for. Nativity scenes, local delights, carols and some real Christmas spirit. This is what you should be expecting from this destination. For for...

Iran Visa Made Easy

posted by mikelanger in travel journal Iran Visa

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The first step of every journey is getting armed with accurate information about your destination. Obtaining a Visa is mandatory for almost all travelers to Iran. Iran visa is issued by the Iranian Foreign Ministry at one of its missions in Iran or abroad. The Ministry has over 100 missions all over the world. Passport holders of seven countries, (Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Egypt, Georgia, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey) can travel to Iran without a visa. Citizens of other countries must apply for a visa. With some eighty passports, travelers to Iran can get a visa upon arrival in one of the eight in...

5 fantastiske steder å sykle i Norge

posted by JoJoHitsEurope in travel journal JoJo Hits Europe

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Norway is a huge and hugely beautiful country. It stretches over a distance equal to that from Denmark to Rome, so there is plenty of variation and diversity to find in the landscape, and plenty of breathtaking cycling routes of varying difficulty to explore all over the country. Here are just a few of the best, most popular and most beautiful places for cycling in a country of incredible tracks. I spoke to Norwegian cycling gurus Birk.no who sell great priced bikes for all the family and across the range from childrens fist bikes to ...

Best Way to Spend Your Phuket Tour in 3-4 Days!

posted by sophiaaddison in travel journal Top places to visit across the universe

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Dear readers who are looking to go to Phuket for a short getaway, or a beach break in your Thailand Tours. This article offers the best choice for you! There are mainly three destinations which grab tourist eyes, they are Patong, Karon and Kata Beaches.

Briefly, Patong is cheaper and younger than the others. A lot nightlife area to explore. Karon is just across a low hill to the north of Kata. It is the second largest beach in Phuket with large high class resorts. Suit for family tours. Kata beach is the quietest one among them. It su...

Guide to Gap Year Travel

posted by JohnCruize in travel journal Guide to Gap Year Travel

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Guide to Gap Year Travel

If it’s time to take the gap year and go for a holiday of a lifetime then you need to know that it is not easy, it is going to be difficult at times, it is going to be enjoyable at times and you will be meeting new people, learning new cultures etc. Gap year travel is not just for fun it is a serious learning experience and to get that experience you need to plan well. The following points will guide you and help you make your gap year travel memorable:

• Be clear where you want to travel to. There are many places in the world that you can travel to, not ju...

4 Car Rental Tips to Help You Save Time and Money

posted by simonhopes in travel journal 4 Car Rental Tips to Help You Save Time and Money

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Renting a car can be a great way to ensure you can get around the area while you’re on holiday, but it can also be a source of frustration. It can be very costly, as well. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. You can save both time and money, while avoiding headaches just by following a few simple tips.

  • Shop Around
  • Yes, this is perhaps the oldest bit of advice out there, but it’s surprising how many people still ignore it. Shop around. Start early, and make sure you compare your options. Even if you have a rental company in mind, you might be...

    The Best Things to Do in Panama City

    posted by magnificfishing in travel journal deep sea fishing Panama City

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    If you are looking for a truly incredible spring or summer break destination, Florida is usually a go-to for fun in the sun. Whether you travel with your spouse or your entire family, there is plenty to do in Panama City Beach. There is a mess of outdoor activities, city life and, of course, an incredible beach you'll never want to leave behind.

    Ideally, a visit to Panama City Beach will include an entire beach day with family and love. The city has over 25 miles of beaches and 100 access points along the shore. It ...

    Four Exciting Stag Activities in Edinburgh

    posted by travelblogger in travel journal Four Exciting Stag Activities in Edinburgh

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    A stag do sees you and your mates traveling to a new location for an incredible weekend. And in our experiences of thousands of successful stag dos, that generally involves a lot of drinking. A visit to a nightclub is absolutely essential. But as you’re travelling to a new location, you might not know the best places in town. Or if you're going for one of our stag weekends abroad, you might not speak the local lingo well enough to guarantee that you and your mates can get entry. Below are some interesting stag do destinations for ...

    Getting a construction job, the easy way

    posted by simonhopes in travel journal Tips to choose the right furniture

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    <p>Whether you have been working in this industry for a while now and are looking for new career opportunities, or you are relatively new to the field of construction and want to benefit from a great start, job hunting is not exactly the most pleasant activity. While the number of vacancies available is not a slim one, actually coming across the position you desire demands some time and effort from your part. If you want to get a construction job fast and easy, you might find the following tips useful, so read them carefully:</...

    Amazing Canoe and Kayaking in Norway

    posted by JoJoHitsEurope in travel journal JoJo Hits Europe

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    I have alwasy loved Kayaking and have had the opportinity to go in Norway I reccomend https://www.padlespesialisten.no/categories/kajakk to get your gear and these are the best places I have been.

    Reine, Lofoten

    Hire kayaks in the beautiful village of Reine on Moskenes and explore the sheltered Reinefjord. Around midsummer you can paddle at night under the midnight sun. Fish as you go and stop on a remote beach to cook and camp. From here you can also paddle (with a little walking) to Horseid beach.




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