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Which Editor Does Your Work Need?

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Editors are a crucial part of a writer's success. While a writer has the skill and ideas necessary to publish novels or articles fluently, an editor is a second set of eyes to catch any number of mistakes that a writer has made along the way in producing a rough draft. However, it is important to remember that different types of writing may require different editing styles.

Content marketing helps to cement a brand's messaging. It will help to attract new customers to the company, and this requires the creation of content. This content is created by content writings which will use links, keywords, and more to put leads into writing on guest websites. This content is used for both small and large businesses alike and often created through freelancers or part-time employees known as content writers.

Often, small content marketing firms hire professional editors through editing services and freelancing websites. They may keep these editors on a project basis, or allow them to edit as work comes up. The copy edit is done through the services of copyeditors, which are better for those companies that have a higher level of content that cycles through; therefore, they need more permanent and on-hand employees. Long-term content creation requires the work and skill of these editors that often oversee the entire process from start to finish.

If you have a massive content flow, you may need an entire team of editors to keep up with this workload. From mid-level editors to managing editors and sections that will oversee lower-level editors and freelancers, judge the editing team you need with the workflow that your writers are bringing in.

Book shepherding refers to those professional editors that ‘guide' writers through the self-publishing process, which has become popular in recent years. From editing and publishing to marketing, ‘book shepherds' are there for ‘newbie' writers to push their content out to the public. Upcoming writers often use book shepherds to get themselves out there.

Proofreading is often said to be the same as copyediting, but it refers to editing a ‘hard copy' whether than raw writing as is the role of a copyeditor. There is no content revision or syntax analysis; it is focused on mechanical error alone. If you just need someone to look at your work as a fresh set of eyes, proofreading is best for your project.

Finding the best editor for your writing is crucial. While some famous authors are said not to use editors, the second set of eyes can be critical of a perfect novel and that hilarious mistake on page 56 that is noticed only after national release. Editors and writers should work closely together and communicate well to get just the best writing out in the public arena.

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