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About the Vietnam visa canter and the requirements of the visa photo

in travel journal About the Vietnam visa canter and the requirements of the visa photo

Location: Vietnam

The Vietnam visa center is a service oriented website and which offers the service of visa approval for picking up the Vietnam visa on the arrival. This Vietnam visa center is not the official government website and if you want get the visa then you must go to the Vietnam embassies and consult them regarding the visa procedures. In most of the cases the Vietnam embassy charges the fee for processing the Vietnam visa application and also they charge the additional fee for handling your application. They also maintain the some of the specification for the visa photo and following are the Vietnam visa photo requirements that you have to consider while applying for the Vietnam visa.

• The eyes need to be clearly visible which should be facing directly at the camera and the prescription of the glasses are not allowed and the wearing of the lens is also not permitted.
• You should keep your face relaxed and avoid the smiling; especially you should keep your mouth closed.
• The size of the photo should be of 2*2 inches or 4*6 in centimeters which is of 5.08*5.08 in centimeters.
• Your hair can be down so long as it is but the thing is that it should not block your face.
• Keep the lighting across your face because of this you can get out of the shadows.

• Each application needs the two photos printed on the glossy photo paper.

When you have the photo image according to the above requirements then processing your Vietnam visa will be processed quickly else if you have any problem with the requirements of the photo then it will be taking some time to process it.
Applying the Vietnam visa through online mode

If you are at home and you are not interest to go to the Vietnam embassy for getting the visa then being at your place you can apply Vietnam visa in online and it just a little of time and you can also avoid the time of waiting in the embassy center for getting the visa. When the Vietnam embassy is available at your nearest residence then you can get your Vietnam embassy visa by directly visiting to the embassy at this time you have spend your time in the embassy for getting the visa. This process makes your visa to be processed quickly and they would also help you and guide you when you have any doubt regarding the Vietnam visa.

Even you can get the visa at the time of the arrival that means you need to send the details in the online just you have to provide the documents and after verifying tit they will give you the Vietnam visa at the time of your arrival. Vietnam is a country which does not allow a single persons to enter into their country without owing their valid passport and visa so be careful while going to the Vietnam country ensure that you own the proper valid documents in your hands.

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