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5 Thoughtful Souvenirs To Bring Back From A Great Trip

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Who doesn't love a good souvenir? Wow your loved ones with the perfect items. Read this article for 5 thoughtful souvenirs to bring back from a great trip.

Travel can be an eye-opening, life-changing experience. It can positively impact your life and the lives of your friends and family. For those special people in your life, there's nothing like a souvenir to remind them that you were thinking of them on your travels.

Deciding what kind of souvenirs to bring home can be a challenge. You might have spent most of your extra cash to see a particular attraction.

You might have limited suitcase space. After all, most international flights only allow you to check two pieces of luggage. Each piece can't weigh more than 50 pounds.

Exceed this and you might see some hefty fines.

You might have spent most of your extra cash to see a particular attraction. Some of these souvenirs can be quite affordable.

That's where this guide comes in. We'll give you five great souvenir ideas for how to make the folks at home feel special.

Here's our list of thoughtful souvenirs:

  1. Art

  2. Photos

  3. Jewelry

  4. Handcrafts

  5. Postcards

What makes these choices so thoughtful is the ability to choose something that either suits someone's personal tastes or to personalize the souvenir itself.

Let's take a look at each souvenir.

Bring Home Some Culture with Artwork

Selecting artwork for someone can be a personal process that says you care. "I saw this and thought of you," is one of the most heart-warming things you can say as you hand someone a souvenir.

It's better than saying that you felt obligated to get them something so you just grabbed a tee shirt from the airport on your way home.

You'll be giving the gift of culture. This is where the opportunity to impact others' lives comes in. Artwork can make a statement that can be passed down for generations, keeping the thoughtfulness of your souvenir always in your loved one's mind.

Take Them There with Photos

If you're strapped for money, photos can be a great souvenir. You can put them together in a video or print some out and frame them when you get home. When you travel somewhere your best friend has always wanted to go, bringing back a photo of that place can be a heartfelt way to say they were with you in spirit.

Everyone Loves Bling

Jewelry from anywhere shows a high degree of thoughtfulness. Jewelry that incorporates stones or metals unique to a certain country is even more special.

Another great thing about jewelry is it's typically lightweight, which makes it a great suitcase addition.

Get Crafty

Bringing home handcrafts is like bringing home the folk culture of a particular region or country. It tells your friend or family member, "I want you to enjoy the essence of this place and its people as much as I did."

Send a Postcard

Travel can be hectic. Touring and traveling can make it hard to stop and think about someone in the midst of all the hubbub.

But if you send a postcard, it's a personalized way to share your travels and show you care at the same time. Postcards are also relatively inexpensive to send, and they don't take up any space in your suitcase.

Postcards are still popular. In fact, in 2014, the USPS processed 770 million stamped postcards.

You can make this souvenir even more personalized with your own postcard template.

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