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The Effects Of Somatropin Overdose

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Some body builders are getting too obsessed with their body building, thus leading one to think that taking more than requires is something that can boost their dreams of perfectly buff body. You are in great risk and danger if you actually do this. You will not get any benefits but actually more problems if you try to overdose the use of Somatropin or any other supplements per se.

The danger and risk of overdosing with Somatropin

Somatropin should support your muscle building, fat burning and body bulking goals, but if you abuse the use of this supplement, expect that you are to face a danger in your overall health, some of these are:

  • Not clear vision / Blurred vision

  • Feeling of depression

  • You can feel extreme weakness

  • You are sweating excessively

  • Unusual frequency of urination

  • Coma is a potential for misuse and abuse result

  • Size of both hands and feet are increasing

  • You are experiencing nightmares

  • Your breathing is noisy and rattling

  • You are experiencing shakiness and seizures

  • You are feeling unusual frequency of hunger and thirst

  • Menstruation has stopped

  • You are having problems and issues breathing

  • You are feeling some pain in both your arms and legs.

  • Pale color of the skin

  • Feeling of anxiety

  • You are having a fruit like breath odor

  • You are having a hard time to speak straight

Other than these symptoms, there are more you may possibly feel. If you notice or experience any of this, it is a must that you visit a professional doctor right away. You sure do not want to progress what you experience as this may lead to more serious issues.

Although, there are some instances that you need not to consult a doctor, as some body may get used to the dosage, thus making the feeling disappear all by itself, this may be possible for others, but of course, you should never take the risk. Your goal is to build larger muscles and not get risks to your health.

Nevertheless, the final take actually is to make sure that you seek professional health before taking any supplements, Somatropin or any other supplements per se. There is nothing wrong if you pursue to get a great and bulky shaped body but you need to make sure that you are taking it the right and proper manner. You would not want to get any negative results, thus it is only fair that you take the supplement with the right amount and dosage.

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