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Trip to Historical Brock’s Monument with Limo

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Location: Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada

Brock’s Monument is one of the historical place of Canada. People come here to give tribute to the Canadian hero Major General Sir Isaac Brock. To visit Brock’s Monument hire limo service Niagara on the lake. Parks Canada maintains the monument the most imposing feature of Queenston Heights National Historic site. It is the 3rd oldest war memorial in Canada. A self-guided tour of the Battle of Queenston Heights starts at the foot of the monument and includes a climb to the top for a magnificent view towards Lake Ontario in the north and Niagara Falls in the south. The monument is open for an interpretive programs 7 days/week, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily from May until Labor Day weekend.

Canadian and US border is the world most peaceful border. But around two hundred years ago Niagara River border was disputed. Many battles occurred on the both sides of the river. Canadian and British army fought against American forces at the Battle of Queens Heights during the war of 1812. On October 13, 1812 Major General Sir Isaac Brock was killed while leading a charge against American forces during battle of Queenston Heights.

American troops crossed the Niagara River and their moto is to cut the slender British west supply line. They could achieve this by taking Queenston the northern portage point around Niagara Falls. Commander in chief of British army Major General Brock was stationed at Fort George in Niagara on the Lake (Newark). Canadian and british force won the war. Brock and his fallen aides de camp, Lieutenant Colonel John Macdonell became martyred heroes. 1n 1823 construction of large Tuscan Column was started. The tall white limestone tower monument was inaugurated in October 1824. There was circular staircase inside the tower to view top of the tower. Brock and Macdonell bodies were buried at the base of tower.

In 1840 tower was damaged due to monumental terrorism. His attack was presumed to have been orchestrated by Benjamin Lett an anti-British agitator and participant in 1837 Rebellion. The remains of both officer were moved to nearby Queenston cemetery of the Hamilton family.
A new 185 feet long limestone column was designed by William Thomas in 1859. The construction was completed in 3 years. After completion remains of officers were again shifted here. In 1929 lightning strike severely damaged Brock's statue, sending large portions crashing to the ground below. Interior and exterior structure repairing and maintenance held off and on.

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