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Situations Where You May Need an Immigration Lawyer

in travel journal Situations Where You May Need an Immigration Lawyer

Location: USA

Numerous individuals hire an immigration lawyer if they need help to submit some type of immigration form, document, or application. These documents are normally in order for the individual to obtain their green card or their visa. More times than not, this is true when a person cannot comprehend the requirements that are found under the immigration laws. Immigration laws are not a simple task and often times are difficult to be understood. There are times where you should seriously consider an attorney to provide you with immigration services and assist you in the process of whatever immigration task you are trying to complete.

One situation in which you will need an immigration attorney is if the person applying for citizenship has been convicted of some sort of crime. Most USCIS forms will ask somewhere on the application if the applicant has ever had this experience. The entire criminal record that the applicant has must be disclosed on these forms, even when charges were not brought against the person charged or the charges were expunged from the record. Even though it is not necessary to find a criminal lawyer in this situation, an immigration lawyer can assist when it comes to the ways in which criminal and immigration laws intersect with one another.

Another reason that you may need the assistance of an immigration lawyer is if you, or the person you are trying to help gain citizenship, has ever been deported or denied entry into the country. There are times that this could mean that the individual that is trying to gain citizenship has been banned from ever trying to gain citizenship or entering the country again. An immigration lawyer will be able to give advice on the effects these situations have had on your chances of gaining citizenship in the country.

You may also need an immigration lawyer if the person applying for citizenship has some sort of medical condition. There are some types of medical conditions that can hurt an individual as they try to gain citizenship into the country. However, this is not true of all health issues, and an experienced lawyer will know the difference in each and the ways that each health issue could affect an individual’s chances of gaining citizenship.

You should consult with an immigration attorney if the person trying to gain citizenship is looking to gain a visa for employment, but the person looking to employ them will not offer assistance with immigration. Trying to gain an employment-based visa can be difficult, confusing, and complicated. A lawyer can help make sure future employers are doing what they are supposed to do for the immigration workers they are looking to employ. They can ensure all obligations to the worker is being met by the employer.

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