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  • Froyo Frenzy in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is known for following trends. When the Japanese cheesecakes became popular quite a few years ago, people queued up for those light and fluffy cakes. Then, there was the bubble tea craze and everyone was walking around with one in hand. Now, the […] read more

  • Best Beaches in Hong Kong

    Now that the sun is out in Hong Kong, we can finally wave farewell to the long winter and welcome the heat (and humidity). The city may be perceived as a concrete jungle but you'll be surprised with the numerous beaches scattered around that make for a […] read more

  • How to speak like a local in Hong Kong

    Most of us in Hong Kong speak English and road signs are in English too, so most tourists don't have any issues getting around the city. However, there are the locals who are too shy to speak English or simply don't know the language. Immerse yourself in this […] read more

  • Hong Kong on a foggy day

    Just like any other city, when it's not bright and sunny in Hong Kong, I feel less inclined to go out and explore and would much rather slug out in the comfort of my soft bed. As I'm writing this post, it's grey and miserable and the sky is covered in haze. […] read more

  • The Art of the “City Break”

    City breaks are a great way to take cheap vacations and see lots of places easily. Here are my tips for how to become a city break queen (or king)! […] read more

  • Chinese New Year in Hong Kong: How to celebrate

    Now that you know how to prepare for Chinese New Year, the main point is knowing what happens during the festivities and getting the most out of the traditional celebrations, particularly, tips on how to receive more 'lai see' (red packet with money).On […] read more

  • Traveling on a diet (or, why I gave up bread)

    Learning to live abroad on a Diabetic diet has been a struggle, but I've learned that eating doesn't have to be your downfall when traveling. […] read more

  • Guide to Hong Kong Street Food (Part 2)

    Hong Kong street food will not be what it is today without the consumption of internal organs and stinky tofu. Just thinking about it may make you gag but it's a 'delicacy' that many locals enjoy, especially on cold wintry days. It's the act of standing on the […] read more

  • Guide to Hong Kong Street Food (Part 1)

    Hong Kong's street food may not be everyone's cup of tea but its tasty so that's all that matters. In Part 1 of this guide, I'll be introducing the normal snacks that you find along the streets, mainly clustered around Causeway Bay and Mong Kok.One of my […] read more

  • How to spend Christmas in Hong Kong

    Who says Christmas must be white? If you happen to be in Hong Kong during the festive period, you are in for non-stop fun. I've spent most of my December months in this city and I can be proud to say that shops remain open on Christmas Day and restaurants […] read more

  • How to bargain in Shenzhen

    There are those that can buy designer goods at sky rocket prices without blinking an eye but that doesn't mean we can all afford it. Just like many other Hong Kong people, I occasionally succumb to the low prices and find myself taking a 40-minute train ride […] read more

  • The Price of Living Abroad

    No one ever warns you about the cost of moving abroad. […] read more

  • The People You Meet – Chengdu, China

    Chengdu, ChinaAnyone who has spent more than five minutes in a backpacker hostel knows how repetitive the conversation can be. For the most part, these are places where people from all over the world stop in for a few days of cheap lodging, beer and travel […] read more

  • How to drive in Hong Kong

    As with all major cities, driving in Hong Kong can be manic if you're unfamiliar with the roads. Likewise, road rage for me as well as many others has become the norm and is one of the major causes of arguments with my loved ones. So here are some tips for how […] read more

  • How to survive a typhoon in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong has had its fair share of typhoons in the 20+ years I have lived here but it has always been quite ‘tame’ so to speak. The ‘super’ typhoon, named Megi that was suppose to be heading our way got everyone excited about not having to go to school or […] read more

  • Shanghai – Expo 101

    There may have been negative press surrounding this year's World Expo and you may not be interested in queuing under the scorching heat for hours but if you're already in Shanghai, why not just take a sneak peek at what it has to offer? Here are some ways to […] read more

  • Shanghai – 48 Hours of Sightseeing

    This year's World Expo may be in the limelight but that doesn't mean you should neglect the old Shanghai. There's not much of it left so if you're looking to explore its historic sites, now is the time.Nestled by the Huangpu River, the Bund should be your […] read more

  • Shanghai – 48 Hours to Indulge Yourself

    Shanghai has been on the map for a while but this year's Expo is placing it at the forefront of everyone's eyes...at least the Chinese want it to! (See how to take this trip, here.)Start off your day with oh-so-juicy soup dumplings (xiao long bao) that […] read more

  • Living the traveler’s dream…

    Michael just recently decided he had enough of his day job and quit to embark on a journey through South East Asia. He started in Hong Kong and went on to Macao after that. Being a reasonable poker player he managed to top up his travel budget there. After […] read more

  • Walking Wudang: A Kung Fu Backpacking Adventure

    Backpackers are an interesting lot. They spend most of their time saving up money specifically so that they can knock off work for days, weeks, or even months in order to trek to the most remote corners of the Earth and explore by any means available. And […] read more

  • Shanghai – 48 Hours to Party

    You thought the Chinese don't know how to have fun? You're wrong! Shanghai is THE city to go to if you're looking for the party.See or print this itinerary on tripwolf.You'll probably want a somewhat quieter night when you arrive, so I recommend that […] read more

  • Hong Kong – 48 Hours of Sightseeing

    The first thing that comes to mind when you tell your friends you're going to Hong Kong is its shopping. Much to your surprise, there's more to this cosmopolitan city than walking down endless Gucci or Prada stores.Start off by taking the infamous Peak tram […] read more

  • Hong Kong – 48 Hours to Party

    It's no wonder Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps: at anytime of the day, you are bound to find a place to drink a few pints or cocktails, dance until the sun rises and belt out some classic tunes until you yell 'enough!' and call it a day.Looking for […] read more

  • Where to Eat: Duck de Chine, Beijing

    Obviously, you need to have Peking Duck at least once while you're in Beijing. This favorite of the old imperial courts is so good that it has actually inspired poetry. Though your guidebook can point you to any number of places serving Peking Duck, my […] read more

  • Hong Kong – 48 Hours to Shop ’til you Drop

    When it comes to shopping, Hong Kong is truly a shopper's paradise. 48 hours will be enough for you to return home with a new wardrobe and the latest gadget, and will make your friends green with envy!If you thought arriving at night means heading straight […] read more

  • Asian Yellow Fog

    During the usual drivel of daily introductions during Elementary English class, one student broke away from his scripted response the other day with a strange comment. “Teacher, I am angry. Because of Chinese yellow dust.” Excuse me? Chinese yellow dust? I […] read more

  • Hong Kong – 48 Hours of Local Flavor

    Hong Kong is a vibrant city where East meets West and local flavours are revered along with international cuisine. There are a rising number of Michelin starred restaurants but to truly understand the Chinese culture, we need to visit the local joints to see […] read more

  • Where to Eat: Michele’s French Bakery, Ulaan Baatar

    No visit to Mongolia is complete without at least a few days on an off-roading adventure (since there are about four roads in the entire country, going anywhere inevitably entails a bit of off-roading). In fact, many people choose to travel deep into […] read more

  • The Horrors of Chinese Street Food

    I’ve heard it said before that in China they eat everything from scorpions to starfish. It makes sense; they’ve got almost a billion and a half people to feed. But really, I never believed there would be a market for such obscurities until actually seeing it […] read more

  • Made in China. Sold on Silk Street.

    [caption id="attachment_2725" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Silk Street Indoor Market, courtesy of Wikipedia (I was too busy shopping to take pics)"][/caption]How much are you willing to pay? That’s the name of the game at China’s world renowned […] read more

  • Chinese New Year, in China

    [caption id="attachment_2809" align="alignnone" width="338" caption="Alley leading to the hostel"][/caption]It was everything I didn’t expect; clean, easy to navigate, and not very crowded. As many Chinese people had already left Beijing to be with their […] read more

  • Where to Eat: Barcomi’s, Berlin

    By the time I got to Berlin, I hadn't had a good cup of coffee, much less a muffin or a bagel, in about six months. I had been in Asia frequenting street stalls, roadside eateries, and yurts, and though I loved all the regional cuisine I was discovering, I […] read more

  • The Best Places to be during a Full Moon

    OoOoOoo...spooky season is upon us. The next full moon will be on the night of November 2nd (meaning Halloween will be very bright as well!) There's something about traveling that gets me outside, yearning to soak up every bit of the experience, and that […] read more



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