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California Blogs

  • Beer Below Zero – now that’s a Cold Brewski

    [caption id="attachment_5401" align="alignnone" width="392" caption="Local brew San Mig Light getting the cold treatment"][/caption]If you ask Manilenos how they want their beer, they will give you a single resounding answer: below zero. They’d be referring […] read more

  • REAL Life Los Angeles

    I’m driving through Los Angeles for the first time in three years. For 20 years I lived and worked here in the music business. Now five years later, I’m just a Virginia school teacher looking for a day to remember.There are so many places I could visit. […] read more

  • Disney’s Dream – Still Alive! Innovation Keeps His Parks Fresh

    Somewhere in an old trunk, under a discarded table in my guest bedroom closet, there is a somewhat abused old wooden drumstick. It’s a treasured souvenir of my distant past, when, preparing to leave my Southern California home to begin a career two thousand […] read more

  • Beating Tourists: Off Peak, Off the Beaten Path

    [caption id="attachment_3219" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Volcan Pacaya, Guatemala"][/caption]Nothing ruins a photo op like some stranger's fat head blocking your shot. Popular travel destinations are too often ruined by hordes of people who, […] read more

  • Where to Eat: The Ferry Building, San Francisco

    On my first day in San Francisco, a friend from college took me to what he felt was the most delicious place in the city - the Ferry Building. He wasn't wrong. Everything I ate was so good that I made sure to stop by each day for at least one meal, even if it […] read more

  • Possibly the Best Scenic Drive in America

    What do you think of when the words “scenic drive” come to mind? Driving the famous Route 66 from Los Angeles to Chicago? The hairpin route between Nice, France and Monaco? Well I have some news for you…try the fabled Highway 1 between Santa Barbara and […] read more

  • A Bowl of Red

    NYC has a pretty impressive array of food events going on every week, most of which draw an equally impressive crowd of foodie nerds willing to wait in long lines for artisanal, homemade or sustainable this-and-that. A couple of weeks ago there was the […] read more



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