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  • Manakamana is one of the famous pilgrimage sites in Nepal. The temple is located in Gorkha district. Locals make wishes and vow to sacrifice animal on fulfillment of their wishes. Accordingly large numbers of satisfied devotees visit the site to offer what they have promised. This is why the temple is named as Manakamana devi which literally means ‘wish fulfilling goddess. As per the belief, Manakamana is incarnation of goddess queen of Ram Shah, the king of Gorkha born in 1,614 AD. This fact was known only to her devotee, Lakhan Thapa. Once King accidentally saw her godly manifestation and died on mentioning it with Lakhan Thapa. The goddess queen committed ‘sati’ (self-immolation) in the funeral pyre. The goddess queen consoled her grieved disciple Lakhan Thapa with her words of resurrection. Six month later sensational news spread about blood and milk coming out of the stone hit by farmer’s plough. The tantric worship of Lakhan Thapa, ceased the bleeding. The stone became the center of worship of the present two storied pagoda style temple. The current priest is the 17th generation descendant of Lakhan Thapa.
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