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  • All year round, touring the island of Batanes is perfect for the reason the island has four season similar to Taiwan. From December to February, it is winter season. March to May, it is spring season. June to August, it is summer season and from September to November, it is fall season. From time to time, weather changes. It usually shift from sunny day to rainy day or from hot to cold weather. Occasional rain shower occur during any season. But still tourist enjoy the island. Batanes, a protected land located at the northern part of the Philippines, is truly a haven for individuals who are into nature’s beauty and great outdoor adventure. The province not only offers you breathtaking sceneries but an experience of a resilient and serene community. Batanes practices sustainable living/lifestyle which helped preserve the natural beauty of the province as well as tvheir culture for centuries. With limited marine and agricultural food resource Ivatans have strived on sustainable living. The locals also cares for their environment by amending sustainable land use based on IvatanCooperative System which helped maintain diverse species and ecosystem. Aside from protecting nature, their housing is made out of local materials such as limestone and rocks which shows sustainable existence is possible. But for past recent years, the province experienced declining state of conservation due to limited natural resources and external influences. Ivatans are more than welcome to have you to experience Batanes at its finest. Enjoy your stay at Batanes and don’t forget to take care of the surroundings too just like the local people do. For more re Batanes Trip: Email me at or contact me at smart - 0919 2795963 / globe - 0915 5232178 Explore, Experience and Enjoy Batanes
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  • Batanes is the northernmost province of the Philippines, just 190 kilometers from Taiwan. It is a cluster of 10 typhoon-battered islands. Storms are so much part of the scene that traditional homes are built with metre-thick stonewalls, heavy wooden doors, and sturdy cogon grass roofs to withstand them.Batanes is frequented by adventure-seekers and photographers for its immense seascapes, gentle contours of pasture land, towering boulders and rock formations on the jagged coastline, weather-beaten stone houses, and breathtaking cliff-side drives.Although electricity is now available 24/7 and homestays have given way to modest lodging, the province remains the Batanes of old. In Sabtang Island, the ancient Ivatans carry on the same life as their ancestors—fishing in tempestuous waters, supplying cogon grass to the other islands, drinking the ubiquitous palek cane wine, and singing their laji or love songs about the sea. There is zero crime rate, and the people are so scrupulous that one café, aptly called Honesty, operates unmanned (just write down what you buy and deposit the payment in a makeshift drop box). Such unguarded attitude is typical of Batanes residents, and accounts for much of the islands’ quaint, haunting charm.
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