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Die "Perle des Mittelmeers" liegt am südlichen Ende Dalmatiens, das sich in den letzten Jahren als Top-Badeurlaubs-Destination etabliert ...

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  • Very nice island. However Struga Lighthouse – HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! (Sorry for ALL CAPS – Children involved!) Imagine – you are on a happy vacation – two grandparents + their two daughters, two sons-in-law and THEIR three small children (aged 7, 5 and 4). Imagine you go to Struga Lighthouse (partly because it was mentioned in the May/June 2011 issue of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER in an article called “A Light on the Croatian Coast”) to see the lighthouse and admire the view – Imagine you are admiring the view…when… a curly-haired (half-drunk at noon?) brute comes around the corner. Imagine he starts yelling at you. Imagine you defend yourselves/give advice – telling the curly-haired brute that maybe there should be a sign saying PRIVATE PROPERTY? Imagine him shouting “DON’T F*** WITH ME?” at you. This was what happened to us in July 2011. How could we know we were trespassing? (IF we were trespassing, that is). Struga Lighhouse is on maps – there are official Croatian road signs and home-made signs pointing the way to it. Yes, there was a gate to the lighthouse – a tiny gate – but it was wide open and welcoming. For those who may still consider staying there at this PRIVATE bed and breakfast – the view is nice enough – but certainly nothing you cannot see elsewhere all over Lastovo – and wouldn’t you rather stay somewhere where there are nice, kind people? Stay elsewhere. Lastovo (the town), Zaklopatica, Skrivena Luka – anywhere but here. If you really must stay in a lighthouse there are others along the Croatian coast you can stay at. If you choose to stay there/visit – please realize that the type of people you will deal with are – rude, cowardly (remember the children) and too lazy to put up a sign saying “PRIVATE PROPERTY” (if indeed it is). Horrid. Struga Lighthouse – Stay away.
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