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Die Azteken errichteten das Zentrum ihres Reichs just auf den Inseln eines Sees - doch nicht etwa das Wasser sorgte für seinen Untergang ...

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  • Just returned from our Celebrity Constellation (outstanding) trip through the Panama Canal. One of our stops was in Acapulco. Based on a number of reviews, I assumed Acapulco would be lower on the list of trip highlights. Not true! Please disregard any references to "faded glory" and "safety" comments concerning this port. Yes, Acapulco has history, if that is what the "faded glory" refers to. It is a big city, so there is always a certain amount of crime, I'm sure, but we never once felt unsafe. We found the city to be clean and beautiful and its people most welcoming. We were very impressed!Perhaps our impression of Acapulco was due to the services of Rudy Fregoso (Rudy Acapulco) ( We had the pleasure of touring with Rudy and his driver, Sergio. It was an outstanding. Rudy provided us with a very competitively priced tour built around our interests, a spotless, air conditioned van which can go places the large tour bused cannot travel, an outstanding local seafood restaurant, and a chance to interact on a personal level with intelligent local people. He even took many pictures of us on tour, which we had waiting for us when we returned home. It was such a nice touch. Rudy has our highest recommendation.
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