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  • Wo:Stadt in Shanghai und der Osten
  • Einwohnerzahl:110721
  • Name in Landessprache:诸暨市

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erstellt von MarcoPolo-partner vor mehr als einem Jahr

Leider ist es auf Reisen nicht immer möglich, alles, was eigentlich sehenswert wäre, wirklich zu besuchen. Die Urlaubstage sind gezählt, ...

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  • One of the unique places of China you should visit. This town has alot to offer from Pearls, Socks, Fabric, Yarn etc. to delicious food and relaxing massages and beautiful evenings. I would recommend visiting xi shi park, Buddha temples, and City Square. Also major landmark to know in Zhuji is RTMART (DARUNFA in Chinese) You can not get lost because the town is not too big and not too small. Zhuji is one of the wealthiest places in China so here is where I would recommend to stayI had stayed at more then 11 hotels in Zhuji the most expensive were both new century hotels and Brium where the cheapest not worth mentioning overall my favorite is Motel168 heres why1)It is not really a motel its just a name 2)You get free breakfast its more then enough 3) you can get a good deal or discount 4) the people are kind and they have great service 5) the rooms are comfortable and clean 6) really good showers 7) not too expensive 8) near xi shi park and KTV 9) easy to get a taxi 10) has free wifi downstairs 11) front desk knows English 12) its sort of on a private lot so you feel at ease 13) its private despite what you first thought
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