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Die Azteken errichteten das Zentrum ihres Reichs just auf den Inseln eines Sees - doch nicht etwa das Wasser sorgte für seinen Untergang ...

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  • 1st, Mineral de Pozos is not for everyone. If you like lots of people, noise and unlimited shopping and eating in a cosmopolitan city, that isn't Pozos. We moved to Pozos after 4 winters in San Miguel for what we call "Magical Tranquility". Pozos was one of Mexico's most important cities from 1890-1910 with some 50-75,000 people when miners included. It also had electricity, phone service and a railroad. The Mexican BOLSA(stock exchange) was founded to trade Pozos mining stocks. Then came the revolution of 1910 and finally the Cristeros War in 1926-27. Pozos dropped to about 200 people in the 1950's but the mines and structures remained. Pozos now has about 3,000 people with about 50 part/full time expats and is one of the most starkly beautiful places in the world. Maybe it's the mines but there is a spiritual calm. The mines are the main draw but Pozos has had a musical tradition since before the Spanish and there are many craft shops where pre-hispanic instruments and maybe an impromptu concert can be found. In fact a walk in almost any direction from the two central squares will yield a "find". Pozos has 3 B&B/boutique hotels and some 1/2 dozen restaurants in which to relax and exchange stories. The biggest problem is getting there. It takes multiple buses from San Miguel, Dolores or Queretaro(all about 45min) and taxis run 300+pesos each way for 3 people. The best way is still by car which is also useful for getting to some of the best mine complexes. Pozos is not an amusement park and the mines are in ruins but doubly fascinating. Do remember that there are 300+ mines, mostly verticlal and not well marked by US standards. Normal walking prudence removes the risk and makes for the best experiences.
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