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  • Wo:Stadt in Laghi
  • andere Namen:Milano
  • Einwohnerzahl:1359905
  • Fläche:182 km²
  • Zeitzone:GMT + 01:00
  • Sprachen:Italienisch
  • Telefonvorwahl:+39 (02)
  • Website:http://www.comune.milano.it/
  • Name in Landessprache:Milano

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erstellt von MarcoPolo-partner letztes Monat

Leider ist es auf Reisen nicht immer möglich, alles, was eigentlich sehenswert wäre, wirklich zu besuchen. Die Urlaubstage sind gezählt, ...

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  • Mailänder Dom

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    Das Symbol der Stadt mit einer 600 Jahre langen Baugeschichte. Der Mailänder Dom, dessen Grundstei...

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  • llegue a Milan el 26 de febrero y el primo Geancarlo de papa mos recibio en Milan . y nos llevo s su pueblo Domodossola !! hoy amaneci en el pueblo con Papa ! feliz !!
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  • bello
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  • bonito
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  • good
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  • valutazione prova androida.it
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  • Milan is overestimated, actually it doesn't deserve more than 2-3 days visit, so don't expect marvels like in Rome, Venice or Florence. Milan is business, shopping and fashion, nothing else. Just plan a visit to Duomo, La Scala and some museum and you've done, you'll easily get bored otherwise. My advice is to start from Milan to visit areas around it, especially lakes: Lago Maggiore and Lago di Como are wonderful. And if you are fashion addicted, don't waste your money in boutiques near via Montenapoleone, but try going to Serravalle Outlet, where you'll find sales opportunities during all year long.I would suggest to book an hotel or a short term rental in Milan with Rent OK (http://www.rentok.it/Pages/en_rentok_english_home_page.aspx) and maybe a car with driver service in Milan, to move fast, as public means of transport are not reliable. In my visit I booked a car with driver service with MJ Service (http://www.mjservice.it/en/index.htm) and they've been very professional and kind every day (thanks Mauro!), moreover they've played also guide role for me, very helpful!
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  • Klasse Stadt, besonders der Öffentliche Verkehr. Man kommt überall an und überall hin und das für sehr wenig Geld. Die Menschen sind sehr freundlich, auch wenn man kein italienisch spricht. Man sollte sich aber nicht unbedingt auf einen Reiseführer (Merian) verlassen, auf eigene Faust losziehen es gibt jedemenge zu sehen. Werde irgendwann noch einmal nach Mailand fahren.
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  • Milan has a lot more to offer than what appears. If you keep your eyes open and look around you will notice the beauty in Milan. Besides the fashion shows and Salon di Mobile which is the busiest and most active times in Milan, come and explore.For tips on where to go, to eat and to see, visit http://www.labellacitta.com It is an insiders guide that gives you daily suggestions on places to visit.For hotel booking or full service short term apartment booking, go to http://www.choove.com The site was just redesigned and it is now a expansive and easy to navigate site that offers a plethora of information on the city of Milan to make an informed decision on where to stay. http://www.choove.comEnjoy Milan. Its worth a visit- despite any negative reviews you have read!!! :-)
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  • Milan is the undisputed Fashion capital and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Italy, as well as being rich in artistic and cultural attractions, museums and various kinds of entertainment.Ideal destination for all shopping lovers, thanks to the great amount of boutiques in the city centre, Milan also offers a lot of cultural exhibitions such as photographic or painting exhibitions. Setting for a lot of movies, famous for its Universities and Academies and rich in musical, theatrical and sport events, Milan is also particularly appreciated by young people because of its nightlife. Italy's most cosmopolitan city, as well as its real commercial capital, Milan not only offers a prime destination but also a perfect investment opportunity for anyone toying with real estate, be it to buy to let, buy to live or simply buy to then decide.Fairs, theatres, musical events, art, happy hours, it is difficult to choose… so here are some of the tourist attractions of Milan.SHOPPING For people who love shopping, Milan is certainly the ideal destination. In fact, there are different kinds of shops: the most luxurious ones in the “Quadrilatero della Moda” (literally translated the Quadrilateral of Fashion) situated among Via Montenapoleone, Via Andrea, Via Gesù, Via Borgospesso and Via della Spiga, and the cheaper or trendier ones, more appropriate for young people.RESTAURANTS AND HOTELS The Four Seasons Hotel, situated in the “Quadrilatero della Moda”, is one of the most famous hotels, but the choice among B&Bs, hotels, restaurants, inns and pizzerias is obviously endless. Brera and Navigli are the most well known or sought after areas for nightlife, as they offer plenty of restaurants, bars and pubs. Halldis offers plenty of accommodations, holiday apartments, rental properties and lodging solutions in Milan for every need: from a business trip to a weekend to a special Christmas and New Year in Milan, from a residence self catering apartment to luxury apartments and luxury accommodation. You can also contact Rentxpress at +39 02 583490 for alternative solutions.OFFICES The best solution for a ready to use office is the Conca del Naviglio Business Center, located in the very center of Milan
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  • I don't recommend spending time in QT8.
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