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Leider ist es auf Reisen nicht immer möglich, alles, was eigentlich sehenswert wäre, wirklich zu besuchen. Die Urlaubstage sind gezählt, ...

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  • Schloss Trauttmansdorff

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    Das Schloss Trauttmansdorff befindet sich am östlichen Rand der Stadt Meran im Burggrafenamt (Süd...

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  • South Tyrol is a huge tourist destination for Germans, Swiss and Austrians in summer. This is positive and negative. On the positive side the region is set up for tourists with many places to visit and stay. On the negative side it can be very crowded during the summer vacation season. Biking and hiking are very popular here and a wine/ bike enthusiast would be in heaven. Staying in Merano puts a visitor in one of the best parts of South Tyrol. For the hiking buffs out there Reinhold Messner’s Castle Juval Museum is a short distance from Merano. Considered by many to be the best climber of all time, Messner was the first to climb Everest without using supplemental oxygen and the first to climb all 14 mountains higher than 8,000 meters. On Messner’s mountain the outstanding wines of Martin Aurich’s Tenuta Unterortl are grown and can be tasted with the vintner. There is a small restaurant and B&B near the castle that also serves his wines. Martin speaks English, his vines are immaculate and he is passionate about wine and Grappa. The wines of Tenuta Hofstatter are also outstanding. Located along the wine road of Termeno, Hofstatter’s tasting room is open to the public and English is spoken. Hofstatter wines are available stateside. For the more geeky scientific winos out there, there is the Laimburg Institute. Laimburg is dedicated to helping the farmers of the region with scientific agricultural support such as soil testing. In addition to the labs, Laimburg also produces wines and it has one of the most breathtaking cellars ever built blasted out of the living rock. Again, English is spoken, the cellars can be toured and the wines are fantastic. Aromatic salts and herbs sold at the small store are not to be missed. These are but a glimpse of the wine culture that is Alto Adige. A small but complete guide to the region’s wines in English is available through entitled “Alto Adige Wine Country.” Thomas Vaterlaus is the author ( in German), English translation by Philip Isenberg. As a gosh American I have left out my umlauts. Please forgive me. Oh and the Vigilius Mountain Resort and many other surrounding places have skiing in winter. I love this place! Cheers.
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  • Amazing little town. The best of Austria and Italy! Historically and culturally Merano is Austrian not Italian. Most of the local people still speak Austrian German as a first language. Merano is perched at the base of the Alps and the scenery is breathtaking. This is where the Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg Empire nobility came to summer. This is also the region that made the wine for the Hapsburg Court.
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  • Ein "must" ist die Meraner Therme. Auspannen im Pool mit Blick auf die Berge. Im Verhältnis relativ preiswert.
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