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  • Description: Bellver was built by building contractor Pere Salva between 1300-1309 as a fortress and summer house for King Jaume II of Aragon and it is one of the few round castles in Europe. Perched on a hill, it looks like a fairy tale castle created by Walt Disney. The idea behind the castle was to control the Gulf of Palma, but as there were no more wars after its completion, it was up until the 1950s used as a prison for political prisoners instead. The writer Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos (imprisoned 1802-1808), General Luis Lacy y Gautier who was shot in 1817 and the government official Alexandre Jaume i Rosselló was shot in 1937, are some of the famous prisoners at Bellver. Even Jaume III's widow and son were imprisoned there for many years after King Pedro IV von Aragon vanquished his cousin King Jaume III at the battle of Llucmayor in 1349. Jaume III was killed and Majorca became an independent kingdom. Even today you can still see the prisoner's names up in the tower which they carved while waiting for to be executed. Today the castle houses a historical museum. There is also a chapel dedicated to Bellver's patron saint San Marcos. Bellver meant "beautiful view" in old Catalan and it truly fits. The castle which is situated 112 meters above the sea has a beautiful panoramic view over the Gulf of Palma - especially in the later afternoon with the sunset in the background. Bellver is located circa 3 km from the city center. You get there via taxi, or Bus 3, 4, 20, 21 or 22 to Joan Miró (Plaza Gomila). From there it is a 20 minute walk. If you come by car there is a large parking area in the vicinity of the castle. Open: Oct-Mar Mon-Fri 8-20, Sunday and holidays 10-17 Apr-Sep Mon-Fri 8-21 Sunday and holidays in Apr, Maj, Jun and Sep: 10-19 Sunday and holidays in Jul-Aug 10-14 and 16-20 Admission: Adult €1,73, Retired/Children €0,87.
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  • Falls man nicht mit dem Taxi oder Sightseeing-Bus anreisen will, gestaltet sich die Anfahrt etwas mühsam: mit Bus-Linie 3 bis Pl. Gomila, dann zu Fuß ein Stück durch das Slum-artige Viertel El Terreno und die langen Treppen hoch zum Castell (Dauer etwa 30 Minuten). Die wuchtige Festung und ihre Ausstellungen zur (Bau-)Geschichte Palmas sind wirklich sehenswert, die Aussicht ist unübertroffen.
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