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  • My destination was the Monastic Island of Reichenau, included in the list of Unesco sites. The reason why the site was appointed to the list was the following one: "The churches on the island of Reichenau retain remarkable elements of several stages of construction and thus offer outstanding examples of monastic architecture in Central Europe from the 9th to the 11th century".The first place I reached was the church of St. Peter and Paul, located in the western side of this peninsula.Compared to the cathedral of St. Gall this church is simpler, less sofisticated, but also with the Rococo decorations on the ceiling:Interesting also the closer museum with the story of the site, founded by Egino from Verona:After that, I moved to the abbey of St. Mary in Mittelzell, a bigger complex compared to the church of St. Pieter and Paul. What I noticed first were the nice houses aroundand then the monastery with the tower of the churchThe interior part of the church was simple such as St. Pieter and Paul,and what caught my eye was the area of choir and altar, especially the red altarand the red-black-grey decorated windows . From this side you can access to the treasure room ( it costs 2 euros) and you can admire some frescos on the walls and the treasures, probably with the rest of St. Markus.To read the other part of this review, please copy and paste this link:
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