5 important pilgrimage cities in Asia

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You don’t necessarily have to be religious to feel drawn to the spiritual aura of the world’s great sacred places. In Asia you’ll find countless such locations, cities imbued with religious meaning that are visited by believers of Buddhism and Hinduism seeking a spiritual awakening. The following places give visitors a cultural view into the spirituality of Asia and allow us to escape the secular western world, at least for a little while.  … Read More

On the trail of the stars: famous movie sets around the globe

To stand just once in the spot visited by Leonardo DiCaprio in his role as the dropout Richard in the film “The Beach” – that’s on the bucket list for many travelers. Famous filming locations can often be the impulse behind a memorable trip. From “Hangover 2” to “Gladiator”: these movie locations have awakened our wanderlust! … Read More

Natural wonder northern lights: on the hunt for the dancing lights

Suddenly, they appear. In the brightest colors, breathtaking shapes and patterns, they dance across the night sky. Of course, we’re talking about the northern lights. Just to see this natural spectacle once in their lives is a dream for many travelers. We’ll tell you the most beautiful places to observe this natural phenomenon from up close. … Read More

10 Extraordinary Restaurants You Need To Try

Where can you get the best dining experience in the world: underwater, on the tallest building in the world or on a rock in the sea? One thing’s for sure: dine at one of the following restaurants and it won’t just be the food that leaves you in awe. … Read More

10 spectacular views you have to see at least once in your life

Attention world travelers! Today, we’ll introduce you to ten views that are guaranteed to leave you breathless. Get your notepads and pens ready, because you’re going to add quite a few destinations to your bucket list today, we promise! … Read More

Sand between your toes: our favorite beaches, wanderlust guaranteed

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At least, except when it comes to beaches. These beaches are without a doubt so breathtakingly beautiful, we’d like to beam ourselves there right now. … Read More