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Natural wonder northern lights: on the hunt for the dancing lights

Suddenly, they appear. In the brightest colors, breathtaking shapes and patterns, they dance across the night sky. Of course, we’re talking about the northern lights. Just to see this natural spectacle once in their lives is a dream for many … Read MoreRead More

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Adventure calls: our bucket list for 2017

New year, new season of travel! The year 2017 is officially underway, and it’s finally time to start ironing out your travel plans. We’ll tell you which adventures have made it onto our bucket list for the coming year.  … Read More


We’re saying thanks to you and giving you and your friends a travel guide of your choice

Christmas is just around the corner, and we want to say thanks to all of our tripwolf users. You’re the ones who make it possible for us to work on the app every day and keep pushing for the next … Read More


A little Christmas trip around the world

Most of us agree: Christmas time is a time of reflection, family and tradition. You’re drawn to the comforting warmth of the hearth, the children making hand-made Christmas decorations, decorate the tree and munch on peppermints. Christian traditions and customs … Read MoreRead More


10 Christmas gifts for world travelers

Christmas is just around the corner, meaning that we’re all on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift. You have friends or family who love to travel, but you aren’t sure yet what to give them? We’re here to help … Read MoreRead More

Indian chicken curries with naan bread, rice and pickles.

The land of spices – a culinary journey to India

When I start to get overwhelmed with feelings of homesickness, I know it’s time to plan a trip to see my family. The powerful aromas of home cooking and mom’s chai tea form a thick and comforting bath that helps … Read MoreRead More


The perfect gift – an antidote to wanderlust!

We all spend the entire year excitedly planning for the perfect summer vacation, but as soon as it’s over, wanderlust quickly starts to set in. Do you want to do something nice for that special someone to help them get … Read More

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Typically American! Customs and traditions in the USA

The United States of America has never been a country known for thinking small. Anyone who has been a guest at a traditional American wedding will have witnessed this larger-than-life ethos firsthand. Today, we’ll walk you through some of the … Read MoreRead More

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How to plan your perfect city trip

What are the best travel destinations? What should I keep in mind when I’m planning my trip? And: how can I get the most out of my trip while I’m on the road? We’ve put together a list of our … Read MoreRead More

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7 Awe-inspiring train stations

If you’re paying more attention to the train station than the train, you’re probably travelling through one of these seven impressive train stations. Read on to learn why waiting in these stations may be the best part of your journey. … Read MoreRead More