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  • 5 exciting open air and living museums

    "Spring lets its blue ribbon again flutter through the air" (Eduard Mörike) - stated otherwise: Hooray, spring is here! When the days finally start getting longer, everyone wants to spend as much time as possible outdoors. An idea for those who nevertheless […] read more


  • NEW: tripwolf for Windows and Android Tablet!

    For months we've been working non-stop, pouring in our heart and soul. For anyone who knows our tripwolf app for iOS and Android, there's plenty you'll recognize - but still, many things are different. Finally we can present to you our new project, fresh from […] read more


  • The 8 strangest Easter traditions in the world that really made us scratch our heads

    Just like every year around this time, we're preparing for Easter - and although some people take off on vacation, others use this time to keep up ancestral traditions. They take part in rituals already well-know from childhood, marveling at religious […] read more


  • 5 cruise itineraries that will make your heart beat faster

    Cruises offer not only comfort, but also the opportunity to see a tremendous amount of the world - often in a very short time and without much (of your own) effort. Cruise ships these days are more like small cities, and offer everything a passenger could want […] read more


  • 5 blossoming places to welcome spring

    It's time to shake off the dust of winter! The first few days of spring have arrived, and as the sun begins to warm our skin, the vacation atmosphere is slowly gaining momentum. Spring is just a little bit nicer in the following places. […] read more


  • Iceland in winter – who would do that to themselves? A country in white and blue

    “You’re flying to Iceland in February? Are you crazy? But it’s so dark there this time of year, and way too cold!” These were the kinds of shocked reactions that were thrown at me before my vacation to Iceland in February – in many cases even from Icelanders […] read more


  • Solo or in company – what’s the best way to travel?

    It's a question of taste and the traveling circumstances: how many people does it take to have the best journey possible? Whether you decide to travel alone, with a partner or a whole gang – every one of these combos has its own advantages and disadvantages. […] read more


  • The 5 most beautiful markets in Europe

    Spring is almost here and with it the perfect time to explore great cities. And there’s no better to do so than in a market! There you can find the great.. […] read more


  • Colorful destinations to lighten up your winter mood

    Cold, rain and snow and nothing blue to spot on the sky for days? Winter sure is a very unique season, but in the long-term can really get you down. […] read more


  • Romantic last-minute travel tips

    No worries, this is not going to be just another story on how to get that last-minute room in Paris. In fact we believe if you’re already that far behind schedule, you might as well surprise your significant other with a more creative trip for Valentine’s day. […] read more


tripwolf brings you Footprint travel guides for the Americas

Brazil Travel Guidetripwolf has finished importing all of the wonderful travel info from Footprint Books for Central America, South America and the Caribbean!

Six months ago, tripwolf announced the partnership with Footprint, and the rewards are now ready for your reaping.  We have made their traditional and professional guidebook material available and easily accessible online and on your iPhone! This professional content includes important and essential travel information like the best time to go, what to eat and drink, how to get there, the best shopping, dining and nightlife, as well as other important cultural info like how to act like a local, Visas and immigration questions and health concerns. There’s a lot more, and on top of it, if you’re an expert, you can now add your own tips!

South American travel guides:

Central American travel guides:

Caribbean travel guides:

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tripwolf iPhone app

free travel iPhone appWith our iPhone app you get free access to over 500,000 destinations and points of interest worldwide! The application also works in offline mode: Download the information for the destination of your choice and avoid roaming charges when you travel!

All travel information in the application comes from the tripwolf community and from trusted travel guide publishers like Marco Polo and Footprint.

tripwolf brings you:

Travel to Live Interview with Ben Box

Interview with travel writer Ben BoxSee what travel guide author Ben Box has to say about the joys and the chores of writing about travel for a living.

For nearly  20 years, Ben Box, 57, has been the editor of the South American Handbook, Footprint’s flagship guide book that was first published in 1924. Sebastian from tripwolf reached him on the phone in Suffolk, UK, where Ben lives with his wife Sarah who edits Footprint’s Caribbean guide books.

tripwolf - your travel guide

tripwolf is a travel guide and a travel community – all in one! On tripwolf you will find the contents of professional travel reports from renowned travel guides like Marco Polo and Footprint combined with up-to-date travel tips from thousands of travelers from all over the world. Discover travel information about 50,000 places and get information on more than 500,000 sites, hotels, and restaurants worldwide! Plan your custom short trips and longer journeys and compile your travel route just the way you like it! With the insider tips, travel reports, location descriptions, maps, and travel photos from 60,000 tripwolf community members, your trip will become an unforgettable experience. Best of all, download your customized itinerary in PDF format and leave your heavy travel guide at home! In addition, tripwolf has a complete PDF travel guide for every destination – just download it and you're ready to go! And of course, don't forget the iPhone travel app, which works online and offline. It's the perfect travel companion, and you'll always have the most up-to-date information in even the remote destination.

In our travel blog you will find tips and tricks on the latest topics relating to travel, distant lands, and unusual destinations. The tripwolf community provides you with the latest insider tips, hotel reviews, travel reports, and much more! Want to be part of the tripwolf community? Sign up and share your tips, experiences, and travel photos with friends and travelers all over the world – completely free and with no upload limit.